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Green Online Banking

Dreamhost has been my webhost since I sold my webhosting company in 2000. Last year they inspired me to *try* to lead a green initiave at my company when they went carbon neutral.   I have great respect for what they did.  It was significant because they did it in an all-encompassing way. They analyzed everything from the servers and power used for the meat of their hosting business to the coffee cups and commuting transportation. After they They purchased renewable energy credits and emission reduction credits.

Green Hosting at

I think that effort is beneficial in two ways. It is obviously responsible corporate behavior, and it also gives them competitive advantage. If you want a green web presence, but you’re not interested in doing the heavy lifing to make your own infrastructure green – host with them. That is simple added value that makes everyone a winner.

Considering the size of the bank I work at, I believe it would be impractical to do that across the business. But I’m not just another banker, I work in online banking and I wanted to make a change in online banking. I thought it would be possible to green our web presence, and by doing so, create a competitive advantage at a fairly reasonable cost. No other large bank has done anything like this.

The strategy would be to analyze servers, buildings, energy use, water use, and waste for the entire online effort, the space, the servers and the people in the online group. Of course this strategy also avoids the thousands of other servers and mainframes, and the many thousands of employees, branches and ATMs.  Despite the omissions, it would be an important step, and well worth the effort.
I thought it would provide significant competitive advantage to be the only major bank to provide green online banking.

It is a challenge to do the heavy lifting, and more of a challenge to do the organizational prodding. Every journey begins with a step and wherever my journey ends, I’m taking the steps.

Are you?

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