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4 Solutions

If you are working for someone else, anyone other than yourself, your job is temporary. It may last 30 years, but it is temporary because you are working for someone else. You may lose your job.  You would need a functional crystal ball or a time machine to know when your job might end.

Given this challenging economy, and the fear that comes from having a temp job in a difficult time, you may ask yourself, what can you do?  This is a complex question because it is really several questions:

  • What can you do to keep your current job?
  • What can you do to get your next job?
  • What can you do to get a new job at your current employer?
  • What can you do to have the most job security?

I don’t like asking  questions without answers, so here are some answers to these 4 questions.  Here are my 4 brief solutions:

What can you do to keep your current job? You can be so valuable that you your employer cannot do without you. You can become the best known, the best educated, the best qualified for your job, and as long as you are not the CEO of your company, you can become trained, certified, educated and experienced at doing your boss’ job, your co-workers’ jobs. But there is more to it than that. You need to help your managers and executives KNOW that you are the most well qualified, the smartest, the most creative, in short, you need to make sure that the people responsible for hiring and firing YOU, know that you are the very best at everything that you are the best at. 

What can you do to get your next job? First, figure out what and where your next job will be.  Figure out what you want to do, and who you want to work for. Find out what that person or company needs, and figure out what YOU can do to contribute to their success. When you are looking for a job, it is NOT about you, it is about what you can do for someone else. Know what that company needs and be the person who can do what is needed.


What can you do to get a new job at your current employer?  Here is an important thing to remember. The company that you already work for is likely to be the best place to find a new job. There are two great reasons for this. The first is that they know you. They know your performance. They know your skills, your abilities. They don’t have to figure out anything about hiring a new employee, adding a new person to their payroll, onboarding a new person.  The second reason is that for you to get a job at a new employer, your package of knowledge, skills and abilities have to be so overwhelmingly positive that you are worth the risk.  Look where you are at, talk to people. Find your opportunity!

Which brings us to my 4th solution. 

What can you do to have the most job security?  The answer to this question is simple. Work for the one person in the world who would NEVER fire you. WORK for YOURSELF. Find a passion, develop your abilities, learn something unique and valuable, start your own company. Provide something new, something great, something unique, something creative. Figure out what gives you your own unique and personal professional competitive advantage, and figure out a way to profit from it. Charge what you are happy receiving, work at what you are proud of and carve your own niche, whether it is microscopic, or enormous.

If you know what you CAN do – your next question is, what SHOULD you do?  That is an answer for another day.

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