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FOUR FACTS YOU MUST KNOW (to make your business fail)

I’m a fan of Bob Parson’s charisma and his videos. I think they explain powerful, simple, intelligent ways to improve business, to succeed, and I like it that he gives advice to anyone who wants it, whenever and wherever they are willing to listen.  He is also a former Marine, an 0311, I suspect – and I respect his service. 

You may not know Bob Parsons, but you know his company. Bob runs  You’ve probably heard of them, seen their Superbowl advertisements, and their spokespeople.  You might not know that he was also behind Parsons Technology - Bought by Intuit for $64 million in 1994.
In short, he is a proven entrepreneur.

In his video blog Episode #36, “FOUR FACTS YOU MUST KNOW (if you’re going to sell anything)” he lays out 4 secrets for creating the sorts of enormous successes he is used to building.  He lays out these success secrets, but he could also explain the dark side of his secrets. they are …

FOUR FACTS YOU MUST KNOW (to make your business fail)  His secrets lead directly to 4 things NOT to do. 

His FOUR FACTS, paraphrased, are: 

1) A business cannot succeed by being exactly like its competitors.

2)People resist changing buying patterns.

3) To succeed, Give customers compelling reasons to change their buying habits.

4)Being better is not enough, you must let your customers know that you are better.

So – these are each great ideas.  I do not disagree with any of them. I think it is important to also highlight the dark side.

1a) If you are exactly like your competition, and nothing good separates you from your competition, why should anyone use your products or services?

2a) Help your customers make you their habit.

3a)DO NOT give them compelling reasons to change their buying habits once they are a loyal customer. Do not give them compelling reasons to pick someone else if they are a prospective customer.

4a) If you don’t tell your prospective and current customers why you are better, they will never know, and they will not become or stay customers of YOURS.

What do you think? Are there other business maxims that mean more when you consider their polar opposites? Why? How can you use them to help you with YOUR success?

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