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Twittering an Earthquake

About 2:50pm today, I felt an earthquake.  Given that I was sitting in my office in Winston Salem, North Carolina, that was pretty bizzare.  But I also realized the immediate, personal power of Twitter.   I popped open Tweetdeck and posted that I felt an earthquake in Winston Salem, NC.   I felt odd doing that – because the idea of an earthquake in Winston Salem… is like the thought of a purple elephant.  If I saw one, I’d be reluctant to tell anyone, because the very idea of a purple elephant is a bit unnerving and surreal.

Of course,  I immediately found that there WAS an earthquake, centered in Virginia, maybe 75 or 100 miles north of where Im at.  I didn’t learn it by the weather channel, or, or the local news.  I learned it by the FLOOD of tweets in my twitter stream.   Reports of tremors were flying across my tweet-stream from Ohio, Atlanta, NYC and even others from Winston Salem.   I looked for Google Realtime, which I hadn’t used in several weeks – only to find it had been disabled.

The interesting thing is that I realized the value of Twitter -  To me, Twitter = REAL TIME news. If I need to know something NOW, it is my personal source. Twitter circa 2011 = CNN circa 1990.

That is amazing value and power.  Will Twitter EVER really maximize that?


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