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blogJohn Akerson is a former cofounder at two startups. His business passion is in finding, creating, exploiting and maximizing competitive advantages that come from creativity and process automation.  That goes hand in hand with reducing the exposure to risks, losses and damages that comes from using those processes and technology.

Business processes and automation in technology can be a binary (like a light switch.) Delivering great service helps to acquire new customers, keep current customers and can deepen the relationship with all customers. Technology can expand the services that a company can offer its customers, and lessen the workload employees have. Technology and business process can, in consulting terms, provide work just like billable hours were 24 hours a day.

The philosophy is that all business processes and technology automation delivers can be seen as a service, and the value of technology to a company is only in how it serves the business, its owners, its shareholders, its employees and its customers.

That philosophy deserves a bit of fleshing out, so here’s a blog to do it.