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Be The Tree That Everyone Wants.

I was reading a great post on Jeff Bullas’s blog this morning.  His blog is HIGHLY recommended, he provides thoughtful, interesting, useful ideas and writing and is focused on a space that overlaps relationship marketing – permission marketing.  Jeff has an article titled 9 Questions To Ask Your Customers When Creating Content that lists some very relevant questions. I think it is important for any writer to consider these questions because considering the audience is a good way to ensure your writing has value for your audience.

When you write – consider your audience.

I agree completely, and I think that he is absolutely correct on one hand. Consider this paragraph, quoted from his blog:

  • When you are writing , sourcing and creating content for your blog, website and social media channels you need to ”walk a mile in your customers shoes” and provide solutions in your content for their problems that they face every day in their business. You need to talk their language and you need to have their segmentation in fine enough detail that when they encounter your web content they will then say…”they understand what my problems are and they can help me solve them”.  Be the tree

ON THE OTHER HAND – I think it is absolutely essential to maintain your voice as a writer.  Every writer needs some unique quality, style and VOICE. It is what makes the writing unique.  It is a necessary component for any sound to rise above the background noise.  Here’s an easy way to consider the importance of being unique. A good writer might say “87 years ago…” but Lincoln chose to start his Gettysburg Address with ”Four Score and Seven years ago.”  That’s memorable and unique. Call it voice, or call it personal branding, or call it style, but if there’s nothing unique beyond “they understand my problems and have solutions” then there is much less to be memorable. 

Anyone can be up a creek without a paddle, but Sheldon Cooper can mention “the appropriate metaphor here involves a river of excrement and a Native American water vessel without any means of propulsion” – and it is HIS voice, and it is memorable. I am not even going to go into “rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock.” (I am a huge fan of that show, and of DailyWav!)

So – why be memorable? Why ensure that your writing features your own unique voice? If you are memorable, you aren’t merely seen as a solution to solve ONE problem – you are seen as a go-to resource, perhaps a preferred source to solve the next problem too…

Think about it this way: In a crowded room with loud conversation, it is good to be the person that everyone wants to hear.  The Internet is a forest.   Your success will come when you address your customers, of course, I think it is also important to strive to retain your own voice, your own unique creative approach.  In short: Be the tree that everyone wants.

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